Cargo Dwell Time Set to Reduce Drastically at Mombasa Port .

By Charles Ogallo

Mombasa Port Containers Terminal 
Cargo dwell time and trade transaction costs are set to come down drastically at the port of Mombasa once the government launches a  new  electronic single window platform in October this years.

The National Electronic Single Window System being developed currently by Kenya Trade Network Agency-KEN-TRADE , a state corporation under the ministry of National Treasury formerly Ministry of Finance will help facilitate international trade in Kenya.

According to KEN-TRADE, the cargo dwell time is expected to reduce to 3 days from the current 8 days. This will therefore reduce trade transaction costs , delay and congestion of cargo that has been the trend at the port as well as border posts.

"We are developing a unique system which shall provide stakeholders involved in the international trade transaction documentation with a platform for exchange of trade related documentation electronically". Said Mr Alex Kabuga , the KENTRADE chief executive officer.

Based on volume of imports and exports, the electronic system is expected to earn this country between US$ 150 -250 millions in the next three years after the launch and between US$ 300-450 thereafter.

The system will also enhance fight against corruption at the port as well as border posts across the country.

On Cargo dwell time, importers transporting their cargo through air transport will be able to receive them in a span of one day  from the current 5 days.

Similar projects have successfully been implemented in various countries in the world among them Singapore, Ghana ,Mauritius, Senegal, Britain and Switzerland.

Kenya will be the third country to develop the project in Africa.

The project developers however believe that once the system is in place , Kenya will be able to move higher in global rating of countries most suitable and attractive for doing business.

Currently Kenya ranks behind globally among countries with suitable and attractive business environment. According to Doing Business, an online magazine, Kenya is ranked number 121 behind Uganda .


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