The Seventh WIOMSA Symposium Photo Contest

By Julius Francis -WIOMSA.

As part of the activities planned for the Seventh WIOMSA Scientific Symposium to be held in Mombasa, Kenya from 24-28 October 2011, West Indian Ocean Marine scientists Association-WIOMSA and the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI), will be launching a Photo Contest based on the theme of the Symposium: "Dealing with Global Change".

According to Julius Francis , the WIOMSA General Secretary, Photo contest entries should demonstrate impacts of global change at different levels and how actions are contributing towards coping with global change at a local or national level.

The photos should depict scenes from the marine and coastal environment in the region, both above and below the ocean surface, and can illustrate relevant human activities, research, environmental impacts, and wildlife.

This Contest comes in the coastal city of Mombasa , Kenya at a better time when the emerging realities of Climate Change continue to unfold right before our eyes, calling for our attentions especially those depending directly from the Ocean; coral bleaching observed in the Indian Ocean, Dying Mangroves and coral reefs, the main coastal ecosystems in Africa and other marine species.


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