Koja-news featured as the blog of the Month

By Kojanews.

One of the Kenya online journalists association -Koja blogs www.kojanews.blogspot.com has been featured at antique-pocket-watches.com as the blog of Month. This makes it the most recognized blog site globally in January 2010.The antique-pocket-watches.com is the largest Antique Pocket Watches website featuring more than 30,000 blogs. The site averages 200,000 uniques visitors per month-Antique Pocket Watches

According to Sheila, one of the antique-pocket-watches.co.uk online managers, the Koja news site http://newsflash-charles.blogspot.com won their hearts while they were searching for Antique Pocket Watches related information.

Members of the Koja news blogs recieved the recognition with alot of appreciatons and wished our readers a Happy new year 2010.


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