KOJA’s efforts to advocate for a clean environment rewarded.


Clean up the World has awarded the Kenya Online Journalists association –KOJA with a certificate of recognition for its immense efforts in promoting and supporting clean up the World and Helping to clean –Up, fix up and Conserve Environment.

KOJA has also been accepted to be 2009 Member of Clean-Up the World following its member’s efforts and deep desires to be part and parcel of clean –up the world.

The association members have shown a lot of interests in environmental matters,using much of their times to write articles and feature stories on climate change and pollutions among other environmental threats. http://environmentwatch-africa.blogspot.com/

KOJA has developed a number of strong networks both locally and internationally in its pursuit of uniting the global communities to combat climate change which is becoming a major threat to both the environment and socio-economic development globally.

The move to network with Clean up the World has proved worthy for the development of the association in terms of promoting initiatives through local media and community networks.

Clean up the World has inspired and assisted communities around the globe to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment through initiatives ranging from waste removal and tree plantings to water and energy conservation projects. http://www.cleanuptheworld.org/en/


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